I hate the term real estate. It's cold and business-y, everything that tends to make me hide under the bed. What I write about is space: homes, cafes, places where you can do work, pet the cat, and Google your next-door-neighbor from 10 years ago. I write about places. And I like to do it from a personal perspective.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

A new business model

Look. I can't be a comprehensive overseer of all that is RE (the thing formerly known as real estate and now goes by the RE symbol).

What I do much better is talk about what I know. Where that dovetails with RE will show up here.

Whaddya say?

A shout-out for the Prism Cafe!

Come visit this new Oakland hotspot! The Prism Cafe has yummy (and fair-trade) coffee, tasty snacks, and some seriously good panini ... I'm just finishing up mine right now.

Of course, I'm a little prejudiced ... I've been watching my friends create this place for more than a year. It looks beautiful, so if you're an Oaklander (or thereabouts) come check it out at 1918 Park Blvd., not far from the Merritt Bakery and Restaurant and the Parkway Theater.

Monday, February 06, 2006

McGee's Farm: Our new home!