I hate the term real estate. It's cold and business-y, everything that tends to make me hide under the bed. What I write about is space: homes, cafes, places where you can do work, pet the cat, and Google your next-door-neighbor from 10 years ago. I write about places. And I like to do it from a personal perspective.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

"Fewer opportunities to be an adult"

This Chronicle article treads some interesting ground.

I've been one of those 20- (and now 30-) somethings questioned by my parents. Though my freelance career feels more stable than in the past, and I can see my graduate-level work starting to pay off even before I've received my degree, Draut's work is a sobering look at why our generation is feeling hard-pressed for catchup.

How does this reflect on the real estate market? I'll leave you to wonder about that.


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