I hate the term real estate. It's cold and business-y, everything that tends to make me hide under the bed. What I write about is space: homes, cafes, places where you can do work, pet the cat, and Google your next-door-neighbor from 10 years ago. I write about places. And I like to do it from a personal perspective.

Monday, December 19, 2005

"A much higher standard of living"

When I wrote this article in the summer, I was particularly impressed when Constance Moore of BRE Properties told me that "living in a Class A or B apartment provides a much higher standard of living than your typical $600,000 house."

Okay, so she has a vested interest, since she is top brass at an apartment-centered REIT. But this old broad (that's what she calls herself, btw) is right. And the market's just about now starting to realize it.


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